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To help farmers secure our food supply and rediscover love for the job.

Our mission is the people, soil, climate, and ecosystems that rely on our land and farmers. We will create a positive impact and help rebuild an industry, sustainably.


Farm Robots

We are working with local growers to develop the autonomous micro-tractor that is built for the small and midsize farmer to create time and budget savings while implementing regenerative farming practices

About us

Barn Owl Precision Agriculture was founded in 2017 as Barn Owl Drone Services. After moving back home to La Junta, Colorado we reconnected with our community and neighbors and saw the challenges facing our farmers. We needed to help, so we combined our strengths and experiences to develop systems that support our small and midsize farmers. In the beginning we were using drones and other imagery to help get field data to farmers for faster decision making. Now, we combine that imagery with autonomous micro-tractors to take action and create savings in inputs, labor, and time. Being from rural Colorado has given us a unique opportunity to learn and grow with our farmers.

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